Monday, February 07, 2011

Fan's Decision

From the recent poll conducted, Fans have chosen KKZ vs Amk rebellious 2nd leg to be the most exciting contest in the CFL 2010/2011 season. An 8 goal thriller, the game saw a spirited kamikaze comeback from 3-0 down.

Hari started the proceedings by driving a thunderbolt of a shot into the top right corner after a set-piece mix up. The shot gave the goalie no chance but secretly ignited the kkz spirit which lead to a furry of attacks. Ace striker safar then proceeded to calmly score two goals by taking the whole defence on each time and managing to slot the ball home from 6 yards each time.

Then came a moment of magic. Aravind, who had been threatening the opposition from the left wing did so again, this time collecting a cool pass from jayraj, angling a shot and driving the ball into the top right with his left foot...all this from the left byline 35 yards out! The goal which stunned the opposition, kamikaze players and the scorer himself just has to go down as one of the best goals that a kamikaze player has ever scored. With the opposition almost resigning, but refusing to go down, safar hit the final nail on the coffin by turning in a free kick with a cheeky back header to get his hat-trick and give kamikaze a 2 goal cushion. At the final whistle, one can only praise the kamikaze spirit and their drive to move on.

That's it guys. A small match preview for you and the fans. The next poll is up so please be sure to vote on that. Ciao!

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