Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog back in action

Hi kkz faithful,

The blog is up and running again. It serves as a communication and reference portal to KKZ players, staff and fans. So please keep the comments coming and we will try our best to make the blog as entertaining as we can. As you can see, it has been revamped a little so i hope you do spend some time taking a look at the photos and having your say at the poll as well as having a look at our squad list. I will be up with my next post as soon as possible and it will be regarding a few issues discussed amongst the team and players. So till then, please enjoy the blog.

Status Update:

Team kamikaze have finished 4th in the CFL Sports 2010/2011 season. They have won 8 games, draw 4 and lost 3 of the fixtures and have amassed a total of 28 points this season. We would like to say that it was a good job and wishes all players much more success in the upcoming season/matches. We also would like to thank our fans and well-wishers for your support and we would be looking forward to your continued support for our upcoming ventures. Kamikaze Management would like to extend it's hearty congratulations to Mexican Aces for winning the CFL Sports season.

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