Monday, February 28, 2011

Revamp & New Changes

Hi guys,

Once again, i'm back to update you with the latest happenings in kamikaze. We have quite a few to discuss today so please read up.

1. Kamikaze Delegation

With effect from today, Kamikaze Manager/Coach Haresh has announced his management team for the upcoming ventures. Each of them were given a responsibility and this management was formed to help the team build a solid and reliable foundation. The guys are:

Haresh - Manager(Oversee entire operation & prepare new ideas to be passed down)

Nash - Assistant Manager(Assist & Report team status to Manager)

Jayraj - Captain(Inspire and lead the team on/off the pitch by example)

Hari - Welfare Dept(Counsellor for ANY problems ANY kamikaze player might face & organising social and cohesion activities for the team)

Fazail - Finance Dept(In charge of cash transactions and club finances & taking of attendance for friendlies, training and kickabouts)

Seelan - Communications Dept(Responsible for getting any message across to players, including match call-up, outing alerts, blog updates and kamikaze matter that require players attentions)

Manjan & Barathi(Assisted by Vishnu and Pratip) - Youth Development Dept(Responsible for development of youth talents in every way possible)

Victor - Team Mentor(ANY aspect of the club, the game and the overall morale needs a motivator and an idealist, he's the man. Always around to pass on advice and suggestions and also help keep the overall team running with his ideas)

The roles are designated to each and every person after careful consideration so the team advises that everyone carry out their duties with integrity and for the sole improvement of the team.

2. New changes

As of today, a few important changes will be implemented with immediate effect and this is very important.


- Attendance will be taken for EVERY TRAINING, FRIENDLY AND SOCIAL KICKABOUTS that kamikaze arranges. The attendance consolidated will then be given to the manager to make a decision in naming his squad. To put it easier, in order to be selected to play, you have to come for the 3 important activities which would be training, friendlies and kickabouts. This is to ensure that players will have to be involved in everything and not just turn up and expect to be played.
As we are all working adults and this matter cannot be handled like professional clubs, we have singled out a few scenarios where you can be excused. These instances are:

-If you are unwell on that day

-If you have work/study commitments

If you have to handle with a tragic loss of someone

If you do have a valid reason which is not listed above, please explain your case to the manager over phone and if it is valid enough, you will be granted an excuse.When you receive an alert for training, friendlies or kickabouts and you confirm your attendance, please make sure that it's your responsibility to attend on that day. Situations which will not be tolerated or given a straight absent case would be :

-Confirming your attendance but not turning up on that day

-Not replying your status but verbally telling your friend that you are coming

-Attending drunk

As stated, this will also be attended in a case by case basis. If you feel that you have a valid reason, please call the manager and speak to him.


This system was devised to structure kamikaze's foundation and also hone their team strengths in the process. This whole process will last approximately 16-20WEEKS and in this time, we will NOT be playing competitive football of any sort i.e leagues and championships. This was designed solely to function together as a team and play better football so that we can achieve better results. The structure will be:

Week 1 - Specialist training with coach
Week 2 - Friendly against an anonymous team
Week 3 - Team training to correct errors/improve from the points we noted in the friendly
Week 4 - Kamikaze Kickabout/Friendly within our team

Please keep your sundays free at the time we have this program so that everyone can train as a team and thus improve together, which is the objective of this system.

Having said these, i hope you guys will give your full co-operation and definitely after 16-20 weeks, we'll be able to come out motivated, ready and raring to mount a serious title challenge to whoever is in our way. Our road to improvement starts this sunday with a friendly. I'll keep you updated about the match details. Till then, keep busy with the poll! Ciao

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