Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Kamikazian

The following is an awesome poem penned by Seelan Kong at 3 in the morning just before the Champions league. It was sent as a private msg to some of us, but it was so good that i couldn't not publish it. Here it goes boys...

A Kamikazian

I know of this team, just this one i'm sure
Without silverware for 6 years they endure
The insults and and mockery followed suit
but they always remained glued
Their goal was to play football and have fun
But also had the potential to go on a winning run
A lineup that might look funny
but they'll give you a run for your money
In the flanks they have a shorty winger
give him the ball and he'll make you run crying to ur mother
A charismatic eastboy you might ponder
His defensive dedication however is an unquestionable wonder
A wild mannered tattoo gallery as the heart
Many scars for his team he took as an art
Never-ending loudmouth armed with undying commitment
"just another baldie striker" would be a mere understatement
Unidentified object covering ground relentlessly
USPO his teammates refer to him fondly
He has a sidekick named Spaceship
Who has a knack in him that makes him
More than ready for some leadership
Barathi, Thina, Lavanesh
Young boys they might be
Take them on, Oh yesh,
In the pits you will be
Yasin, Havey, Hari
They are the Aerocratz Three
Juggling between numerous commitments
Loyalty never wavered in any of those moments
Say it in a word cos One they are
Unbelievably Talented,
They should be playing beyond our shores
Undeniably Committed,
They will be playing only to Kamikaze's cause
In Akbar and Ganesh
We have not one but two,
Excellent keepers who are quite Handsome too
One has a cool hairstyle, the other his own dressing style,
But put on them pitch and they personify Kamikaze's Style
Mohawk and Vinne
Always ready to Rock and Thanni
And last but by no means least,
If he were an X-men, He will be The Beast
A man of many words that are hard
But the loudest ones are those
He speaks from his Heart.
Kong is his name,
Kamikaze is his Game
then why this season
for no rhyme or reason
are they 3 places above ten
asked a distraught fan
my answer was bold
because i told
believe baby believe
because my warriors are in for the fight
and will continue day and night
for the one thing that they consider grand
is for pride and glory in the end
This is not just a team,
No baby it's not.
This is a way of life,
So fear not!


Re-produced, without the consent of Jayaseelan aka Seelan Kong. But who cares whether he consents or not. This is awesome stuff!

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