Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Back From Hibernation

The current state of the KKZ blog and the current state of the team's footballing results have more than a few things in common. Pathetic, unacceptable, and everyone knows it will be better and come good in the end, but no one just knows when. The cleaning up of the blog will begin now and will be completed in a week's time. However, the achieving of the results that befit the team's stature will take some time. The league this season is no longer the aim. The aim would be to rediscover the style of play that makes Kamikaze still one of the most feared and respected teams around. We might be down, but are no means are we out. Viva la Kamikaze

Result Round Up -

CFL 3 Rd 3

A Kamikaze Team missing out on several First teamers including Suresh USPO, gave the league leaders a good fight, but 3 bad calls including two rejected penalty appeals, and the awarding of one goal which bounced infront of the line, by the referee saw Kamikaze come out of this game with nothing despite having scored two good goals through El Fazail and debutant Sadesh Bernard. The start of a run of bad luck with refereeing disasters.

Final score: Kamikaze FC 2 - Mexican Aces 3
Goals: El Fazail, Sadesh Bernard
MOM: Sadesh Bernard

CFL 3 Rd 4

Lack of a first choice keeper saw Kamikaze concede two soft early goals, however the team did well to come back and lead 4-3 with 1 min to go. Again the awarding of a goal, when the ball clearly did not cross the line, meant that Kamikaze dropped points yet again.

Final score: Kawabanga 4 - Kamikaze 4
Goals: Haresh, Havey (2), Safar Torres
MOM: Havey

CFL 3 Rd 5

Once again a lack of keeper, resulting in disastrous mistakes by the stand-in keeper saw the team go down 2-0 with 10 mins to go, however a fightback sparked by Mohawk Vicky who scored an outrageous volley saw Kamikaze equalise in virtually the last min of the game through a Safar penalty.

Final score: AMK Rebellious 2 - Kamikaze 2
Goals: Mohawk Vicky, Safar Torres
MOM: Mohawk Vicky

CFL 3 Rd 6

Once again the lack of a proper keeper sorely hurt Kamikaze as they saw themselves go down to Galaticos 3-1 despite having taken the lead through another fabulous goal by El Fazail. All 3 goals conceded from outrageous long shots, added to hurt the team's morale and snuff out any chance of a comeback.

Final score: Kamikaze 1 - Galaticos 3
Goals: El Fazail
MOM: Neshta

CFL 3 Rd 7

The return of Akbar did little to stop the rotten luck of Kamikaze, as the hardworking defence was the cause of trouble this around, as their hesitance and indecisiveness saw the team go down 3-0 with less than 25 mins left in the game. However, once again it was that man Mohawk Vicky who started the comeback, earning a penalty that Havey coolly converted. Victor King scored the second after some good work by Havey, and Safar grabbed the unexpected equaliser after an awesome cross by Diego Haresh.

Final score: Kamikaze 3 - Le Espezia 3
Goals: Havey, Victor King, Safar Torres
MOM: Victor King

The results have been updated, the clean up for the blog has started and it will be complete. Similarly, tweaks have been made in the team. Tactics have been kept simple and we have gone back to the basics. Clear instructions have been given to the players on what is to be expected from them. Whether we will get that elusive win next week, that will set us back on a run of straight victories is to be seen. But one thing that everyone associated with this team, can take pride from is, despite the horrendous run of results, the team morale has been kept high, and the effort given on the pitch has not been left wanting. All we need is a slice of good luck, and some composure, and good things will once again be posted on this blog.


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