Friday, April 12, 2013

Kamikaze Youths Held Despite Dominance

(Match Report originally submitted by G.Pratip Kumar)

League Match @ St Wilfrid's Sports Complex

Kamikaze Youths vs Temasek Royals

In a game that was entirely one-sided the juniors had the lion's share of possession. However their failure to convert the chances proved costly as they were held 1-1 in a league match encounter against Temasek Royals.

Kamikaze started the first half brightly and their attacking intentions showed through the shots that were pouring down on Temasek Royal's keeper. The introduction of Haresh proved to be the key difference for the Youths. His tireless running and effervescent presence around the box, made sure that the defenders had a tough time containing him. And all it needed for the little magician was a small amount space, and when it was presented he wasted no time to strike a sweet left footed shot towards the top left hand corner of the goal. 1-0 to KKZ.

From then on, KKZ went onto an attack mode that left the fans wondering, where was this aspect of their game for much of the season. The second half's script followed very much the first, including the many missed chance and it soon came to haunt them as the Temasek Royal striker capitalised on a defensive slip up late on in the game to score a much-needed equaliser for the team. and the striker caught the keeper off his line and chipped him. 1-1. KKZ kept on attacking till the final whistle, but there was not enough time for a winning goal to come through. Final score, 1-1.

Squad: Pratip, Ashraf, Heskey, Premnathan, Neshsta, Dinzo, Taufeek, Hasiim, Vinnie, Shameem, Prabhu, Vishnu, Haresh

Goals: Haresh

Final Score: Kamikaze Youths 1 - 1 Temasek Royals

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