Friday, April 12, 2013

Kamikaze makes Headlines on Televised Forum

Team Mentor Victor did Kamikaze proud as he appeared on a live discussion forum on TodayOnline's VoicesToday interactive programme that was simultaneously webcast online as well as telecast live on Channel 5. In what comprised of a star-studded panel comprising of stalwarts of their respective areas of expertise to give their views on how to shape a Singapore culture through the pillars of Arts, Sports and Heritage, Victor found himself on the show to give his views as result of his recent email to Mr Chan Chun Sing which was subsequently picked by TodayOnline. A copy of the email can be found here,

The panel Comprised of,

Mr. C. Kunalan, former Olympian and former 100m National Record Holder.

Dr. Ma Swan Hoo, wife of the late Dr Balaji Sadasivam and President of the Museum Volunteers of Singapore.

Roland Lim

Mr. Roland Lim, Events Manager at Big Ear Musica, Music Producer and Marketing Consultant at Roland Lim Productions

and of course, our very own

Vicknesh Rajamohan @ Victor,  Mentor - Team Kamikaze.

In an exclusive statement he made later to our blog, he mentioned, "Being in the forum with so many high-ranking important people, I was definitely nervous, and it was a truly humbling experience. However, I only have Kamikaze to thank for as it is through Kamikaze that I'm living my passion for sports on a daily basis."

A link of the entire forum can be found here, Video

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