Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Flame Lives On

A goal is often like a fire. It starts off with a spark of inspiration, but it also needs the right set of circumstances to enable it to succeed. When Team Kamikaze was founded in 2004, if you told any pioneers that they would win 2 Championships and 1 Cup in 9 years, you would have gotten derided. For those were days where the team's self-confidence was sky-high and there was a belief that Kamikaze would win every single match they played. But, reality soon set in, and when the dark days came in, it was thought that KKZ would disband without ever winning a Championship title. But just like a withering flame's desire to keep on burning, Kamikaze stood true to their motto and never gave up.

This blog's fortunes are very much similar to the history of Kamikaze, understandably so. Whenever, the blog looks to be finally dead and over, it is resurrected with pomp. The same can be said about the team; Just when we were written off by all quarters we came back with a bang to bag our latest title.

And now the journey continues once again, with the team making its foray into the X-league. The systems in Kamikaze are also very much in place, with a Veterans team being set-up for recreational play catered for those looking to build fitness, maintain friendship and play pressure-free football. Our Youth wing have come through a baptism of fire in their tough inaugural season of Goal Arena, as a much harder and stronger team. Such experiences will only serve to ensure that the spirit of Kamikaze will live on for many more years.

While the blog remained dead for more than a year, it was heartening to see many requesting its update. There were many readers who felt that the blog served as an inspiration for them. At this point, I must reiterate that the times then were different. We were forging an identity and it was important to have a connection to foster team unity. That was the purpose behind the hyperbole spewed in the writings then. As times went, work schedules increased and the team also found itself bonded. As such, the need to have constant updates for the blog was understated. However, the time is right now for the blog to once again make a comeback to continue tales of our various exploits.

On his part, the Editor leaves you with these parting words. A fire provides light. A fire provides warmth. If handled improperly, a fire can destroy all around itself, but never will a fire die down without a fight. Even in its last few gasps for oxygen, the fire seeks to give its very best to do what it sought to do. As Albert Schwitzer once said, "In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit."

The flame of Kamikaze was lit up by many. The onus now is to keep it burning for many more generations to come.


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