Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Contract System

As part of our self-renewal, efforts are now being taken to streamline the Kamikaze set-up. We have already launched the Veterans team to encourage recreational football as a way to keep fit and keep our bonds growing strong for the retired players. It will also act as a platform for players returning from injuries to regain fitness before making a charge at the Senior team. The next area of focus, the management will be looking at, is to calibrate the Youth squad.

The Youths are now in the final stretch of their 4th League season. While they started off brightly, coming in 3rd place in their first season, they have not managed to recapture that form in the subsequent seasons. While there are many factors at play here, it must be noted that several players have been giving their all in terms of performances on the pitch as well as their excellent commitment off the pitch. Having had the pleasure of coaching this excellent crop of players, the management now feels that the time is right to reward players for their excellence.

On that note, the KKZ management is pleased to introduce yet another innovation in the Youth set-up, the awarding of central contracts. Central contracts are a feature of professional sports teams where players are graded and contracted for a given period where their benefits and obligations are spelled out according to their respective grades.

Kamikaze, has been on the forefront of running our amateur team as a professional set-up and this is our latest step to instill professionalism within our Youth setup. At the end of this current season, which is fast reaching a close, players will be assessed and graded by the team management in what will be known as the 'Grading Exercise'. At the end of the Grading Exercise, players will be informed of their respective contract grades and the rationale for their given ranking, before the results will be published

Tentatively, we have decided on 4 grades, A, B, C and free-contracts. The detail of the grades will be published at a later date. As of now, the management wishes to stress that this is a innovation that applies to the Youth setup only. The rationale is a simple one. We have to create an environment where merit is rewarded. The grades will be as a result of one's performance in the previous season and will only last for the subsequent season. This approach will bring about a competitive environment where players are given incentives for performing at exceptional levels. The end result will be a successful cycle, where Perfomances bring Rewards and Rewards boost Performances.

Kamikaze has always prided itself on being a leader and an innovator rather than a follower. This central contracts system is another project that we feel, is necessary at this point of time to help calibrate the influx of players into our Youth Team as well as identify future leaders who will step up as pillars in time to come.


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