Saturday, September 10, 2011

Will this Defeat Stall them or Spur them on?

Kamikaze finally faced defeat for the first time this season. Their first in 7 games. But truth be told, it looked coming for the past 2 weeks with an understrength squad and complacency creeping into the team. But when it finally came, it was fitting that D-boys, their former rivals turned close compatriots were the ones to inflict it. Yeli and Viki have for much of the last 7 months been key integral components of this new look KKZ team, but on this day they were playing in the opposite colours and they did most of the damage. To be honest though, despite having a near full squad, the lack of depth in the centre-midfield position, and a devil-may-care attitude amongst the KKZ camp has sent shivers down the management.

Despite boasting Safar and Fazail in their ranks, KKZ was unable to create any real meaningful threats on goal in the first half, but the start of the second looked real promising, as a long punt from Jayraj from defence found Vishnu, who needed no second invitation to continue his scoring streak, and he found the back of the net with a brilliant strike from the edge of the box.

However, things went downhill for KKZ from then, as a needless freekick saw Viki curl the ball into the net, albeit in the opposite colors. Dboyz, soon took the lead from another setpiece, this time converting a corner with a brilliant header, and Yeli put the final touches on the job after a defensive slip up.

All in all, it was a very demoralising defeat for the Kamikaze camp, and it has sent the management scrambling to rethink plans for the new season, but as has always been said. This is KAMIKAZE, and we will definitely get things right!!!

Fazail was voted man of the match for an industrious performance, in a game that no player really shone. Special credits have to be given to Nesh, Prem and Safar for giving their all and also to Haresh who showed glimpses of finding back his form after a slump. The team also challenges Vishnu to continue his scoring streak.


Squad List:Vky Razgy, Jayraj, Premanathan, Neshsta, Hari Young Boys, Fazail, Manjan, Seelan, Safar, Sateesh, Vishnu, Haresh, Victor, Maaran

Final Score: KKZ 1 - D Boyz 3

Goals: Vishnu
Assists: Jayraj
M.O.M: El Fazail

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