Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First Official Press Conference of Kamikaze

In revealing probably what was the worst-kept open secret in Amateur Football, Kamikaze management officially confirmed its participation in the 3rd Season of Goal Arena Sun PM League Eastern Division. In a closed-door press conference held on 28 September, Team Acting Manager Jayaseelan made this annoucement as well as announcing the details of the new team jerseys.

Transcript of the Press Conference

Seelan: Dear all, Thank you for being here. We are pleased to officially announce that Kamikaze will be taking part in a new league this coming season. We will be entering the Goal Arena Sun PM Season 3 under the Eastern Division. The team is geared up for it, after having gone through 2 assessment matches as well as 6 other friendlies as part of our pre-season warm-up. We are excited and looking forward to doing well in this league.

Reporter: It was earlier announced and reported that KKZ will once again take part in the CFL. So why the sudden U-turn?

S: It is wrong to say that it is a U-turn. After last season, we had always wanted to go to a new league, and we had informed CFL about it. However, there were no proper leagues available and hence we decided to return back to CFL, and CFL was supportive. However, that was when the opening in GA was available and when we informed CFL about the decision, they wished us all the best and supported us fully with our bid.

R: The ties, between CFL and KKZ have always been rumoured to have been testy. Is that true?

S: That's absolute RUBBISH! Ties between CFL and KKZ have always been fantastic. We share a unique bond, and that can never be changed. In fact, our ties have been further cemented by the new Jersey deal. In a co-sponsorship deal to provide our players with 2 jerseys, Team Kamikaze signed up with Vivace Events and CFL to sponsor our Jerseys and this demonstrates the close ties we share with our partners.

R: So what are the objectives for Team Kamikaze in this current campaign?

S: It is obvious, that the winning mentality is deep-rooted into the DNA of Kamikaze. We always play to win, and this new season is no exception. We would be expecting nothing less than a top 2 finish.

R: Can you elaborate on the new Jersey?

S: We have finally acquired both Home and Away jerseys for the team. We would like to thank CFL Sports and Vivace Events for sponsoring both jerseys. The Home jersey will be unveiled on 2nd Oct and it is black-based. The Away Jersey is orange-based and will be unveiled on 9th Oct.

: Any last words, Seelan?

S: We would like to thank all those who have made our success thus far, possible. And we would like to ensure all our stakeholders that, as long as your support is present, Team Kamikaze will only to continue to grow and strive towards further success. Thank you and Viva La Kamikaze!

R: Thank you Seelan and all the best to Kamikaze.

Thank you for catching details of this exclusive press conference. You may wish to follow Kamikaze's journey in the GA League at this link

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