Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kamikaze Confirms Participation in CFL

A shock decision was announced earlier today, that the senior team of Team Kamikaze will indeed be taking part in their swansong season in CFL. Earlier reports suggested, that KKZ will all but pull out from CFL to continue their pursuits elsewhere. However, it was announced today that the decision to take part in one final season was made on the 25th of June at a high-level board meeting held at Frontier CC.

Top guns of KKZ met up at Frontier CC to charter the new course for the team. However, the most shocking decision was Team Kamikaze's reappearance in CFL's 4th season. Team Kamikaze had played in all 3 previous seasons of CFL winning it in their second season. However, injuries, squad depletion and a overall lacklustre attittude contributed to seeing them finish their worst in the last season. That had led to widespread speculation that Kamikaze will pull out of CFL to concentrate on growth.

When contacted, Team Assistant Managers Seelan and Nesh had this to say, " Kamikaze is still focused on renewal and growth for the team. We see the importance of having new challenges to steer the team to reach its fullest potential. However, on the back of last season's dismal performance, the boys owe it to the history of the team to come back for one last season. It is not about proving anything to anyone, but ourselves. We need to do this, as a duty, as a calling."

However, not everyone was positive about this news. When interviewed, team stalwart USPO remarked matter-of-factly, "Ok, you say about proving it to ourselves. But honestly, i don't see what being in CFL proves. To me, that level of competition proves nothing. But i can accept it, if only this is the last season. Final one, no more."

The CFL has always been a bag of controversy for Kamikaze. While it boasts the most flexible of organisers, and the kind of heart racing rivalry that the EPL boasts of, the organisation has not always been kind in the fixture planning to KKZ. The level of competition has also not always been up to the standard expected by the board, to mould the team into a top-notch islandwide side. However, with the announcement that the team will make it back for one last season out, punters have started placing their odds for the former champions to make a strong formidable presence.

Organiser and founder of CFL Mr Premnathan had a remark to put the whole matter into perspective. "Kamikaze can say what they want about CFL, they might be right or they might be wrong. But till they win the league again, whatever they say will only be the opinions of a team that did not win."


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