Monday, May 23, 2011

Kamikaze Update

Hi guys,

It's been long since we updated the kkz blog so here it is. Since facing a dismal start to their friendly campaign with 2 loss and 1 win, Kamikaze bounced back in style by winning 3 and drawing 1 out of their 4 games they played after that. That brings the total tally to 4 wins 1 draw and 2 loss. It is also stated that the mood in the KKZ camp is slowly gaining more momentum towards showing seriousness and competitive traits. The locker room chemistry is terrific with new signings Aravin "Muhammad Eli" and Viki "No nick" blending well into the team's infrastructure. The team's young defence leader Janarthan has also been impressing fellow team-mates and is fighting for a first team place.

However, Kamikaze takes this opportunity to express it's heartfelt condolences to Hevy, in light of the passing away of his father. We hope that he will bounce back strong and all our wishes and prayers are with him and his family.

Goalie Ganesh has condemned the team's style of playing 2-3 games a week as "utter nonsense" mainly beacuse he feels that players tend to be fatigued when they come for kamiakze sunday game. He stressed that a rejuvenated side is capable of much better showing than a fatigued side and has pleaded the management to handle this issue immediately so that the team can perform at it's peak. Kamikaze has almost 7 first team players who play an average of 2-3 games on weekends and this might come to be a problem when they start the league.

Kkz juniors, led by captain Vishnu has secured 3rd in their CFL campaign and have made us proud. We extend our congratulations and wish them the best in their future endeavours. With talents like sai, vishnu, ryan and pratheep, it will be soon that they take the u-21 league by storm!

Player profiling is in accordance with jersey number and as such the next profile will be on our dear captain NASH! Be sure to catch it and also catch kamikaze take on a random opponent at bishan park sec 5pm kickoff on sun 29may. Till then.....KKZ!!!!

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Ganesh said...

Fatigue may lead to long term injuies too boys! Btw.. Will be out till 2nd week of June! Injured my thigh!