Monday, April 05, 2010

Kamikaze VS Altos FC

With a long weekend and saeka FC looming ahead of their calender , kamikaze fc took no chances on their momentum and decided to play a friendly against old foes Altos FC.

Altos , boasting a strength of good array of midfield and attack arsenal were on par with kamikaze on head to head comparisions and this made the match more exciting. Furthermore kamikaze had to start with a makeshift but fantastic squad against altos fc.

First half began with marvellous midfield possession from both sides never really penetrating as cautiousness took a toll on a hot friday afternoon. But kamikaze as always couldnt sit back and started to pound on Altos Door and it opened on the 20th minute wen a spaceship slice pass found haresh who slotted home from 6 yards. The 24 yr old, donning argentinian colours was on sensational form and was an essential attack ingredient in kamikaze fc's quest for the title. This resulted in altos coming at us in numbers and in a fluid conter attack , seshan dazzled on the left wing cutting in and firing from close range , only for the keeper to parry it and on comes Seelan to blast the ball home. From this point , the game was leaning on kamikaze's favour as Hariboy and Seelan den proceeded to keep the altos midfield quiet.

The game was sealed before the 1st half when spaceship jinked past 2 defenders and floated a beautiful ball to seshan who ended his well timed run planting the ball in the back of the net with a brilliant header. And thats hw the teams went into the dressing rooms at half time.

2nd half and the tides were turned. Altos began attacking all out as a change in formation saw kamikaze midfield overpowered. But this joy was to be shortlived as the kamikaz no.10 picked up the ball in the left wing , skinned 2 midfielders , left the last man stranded with his blistering pace and placed the ball in the left corner for kamikaze's 4th of the day. After that it was 1 way traffic as altos lost fire and determination. They did manage to get 1 back but that too was shortlived as Janarthan fired home from close range after deen his the post from his curler. To sum up kamikaze's brilliant afternoon , Spaceship then proceeded to outturn oswind , and shot low and hard giving the goalkeeper no choice but to parry it into his own net.

Special Mention goes out to Haravin and deen who filled up the sideback roles with immaculate defending , spaceship who gave their sideback a torrid time and haresh who scored a brace.

Congratulations to veera who showed promising talent and unselfish for his age and kamikaze will watch his growth.

Man of the match goes to seshan who dazzled , scored and jinked all around the opponents and made the afternoon a little hotter.

Kamikaze injury/absence list has 3 more additions:

Thina - Undergone foot surgery ( out for 3 weeks)

Uspo - Graduation ( out for 3 weeks)

Seelan - Shoulder Strain ( out for a week)

Final Score : KKZ 6 ALTOS 1

Squad : Jana, Nash, Vinod East, haravin , deen , seelan , hari , haresh , hevy , veera , seshan , spaceship.

Goals : Haresh(2) , Seelan(1) , Jana(1) , Seshan(1) , Spaceship(1)

M.O.M - Seshan

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