Sunday, April 18, 2010

Express Updating

Hey guys, the editor has been slacking for the past 2 weeks and is in a drunk state now, yet he has decided to update the results for the past two matches. So pls don't mind the slipshod state of the blog. He promises to give a good update for the next match which is in less than 8 hours away..

11th Apr @ Pasir Ris Crest Sec Sch

Kamikaze returned to the field they played the previous week to face a tough league opponent in the form of Saaeka. While the scoreline in the first leg of their meeting boasted a 6-1 win to the league leaders, the actual result was in fact hard laboured with the halftime scoreline reading 1-1. This time round, KKZ were in no mood to let such setbacks affect their charge to the league title as they headed to the pitch in a buoyant mood. Midfield maestro Hariboy's birthday the previous day, just gave the team an added incentive to sew up the result and most importantly bring them that much closer to the league title. With such determination to win, it was no surprise that KKZ sewed up the match well before halftime with goals from Lavanesh Valencia, El Fazail and Safar Torres. However, the roughhouse tactics from the opponents, proved to be a sparking point in the team tactics during the halftime team talk and that provoked a heated discussion amongst senior players Victor King and El Fazail. Yet even the overheated argument, was not able to cause a dent in the play of Kamikaze and give a glimmer of hope to their opponents who wished they could drop some points. In the end, the match ended 3-0, and only hastened KKZ's route march towards the league title. Akbar, the keeper for the day, and KKZ's standout keeper of the league, not only kept his first clean sheet for Kamikaze FC, but also single-handedly made sure that Saaeka were not given any chance back into the match. And for his stellar efforts, he was awarded his second Man of the Match award for KKZ. Congrats Brother Akbar.

Squad: Akbar Kuszczak, Florentino Prem, Yasin Scholes, Cristiano Barathi, Navin Da Silva, Lavanesh Valencia, Diego Haresh, El Fazail, Hariboy Aerocratz, Victor King, Safar Torres, Seelan Kong, Surya Young Star, Dinzo Fletcher

Final score: Saaeka 0 - Kamikaze FC 3
Goals: Lavanesh Valencia, El Fazail, Safar Torres
MOM: Akbar Kuszczak

4th Apr @ Pasir Ris Crest Sec School

Kamikaze played a friendly, their second match in 3 days, on a Easter Sunday against a fellow amateur and upcoming team Budget FC in a brand new pitch in the east side. The odds were severely stacked against KKZ as they could only start 10 men with several key players out against an unknown team in a friendly match. However, they were boosted by the return of Neshta, Geven Barthez and Florentino Prem, three stalwarts of Kamikaze FC and that gave the team the confidence they needed to secure the result. In actual reality, the match was largely one-sided as KKZ were all over their opponents and the final scoreline was infact largely flattering to their opponents, as KKZ missed several gilt-edged chances. However, the 6-0 result recorded as a result of a brace from Yasin Scholes, and Safar Torres with a goal a piece from Havey Adebayor and Diego Haresh was a warning to their league rivals who are hoping that the league leaders lose point. Man of the match has to be Safar who scored two and created 2 more and grabbed the match by the scruff of its neck and wrote his imprint on it.

Squad: Geven Barthez, Neshta, Florentino Prem, Anand Spaceship, Victor King, Hariboy Aerocratz, Yasin Scholes, El Fazail, Diego Haresh, Havey Adebayor, Safar Torres

Final score: Budget FC 0 - Kamikaze FC 6
Goals: Yasin Scholes (2), Havey Adebayor, Diego Haresh, Safar Torres (2),
MOM: Safar Torres

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