Friday, January 30, 2015

Kamikaze sew up 2nd Place with an easy win

KAMIKAZE FC vs Outlander Smurfs
18th Jan 2015
3pm Regent Secondary

Kamikaze entered this game knowing that a point will earn them second-place, yet they could not afford to take things lightly. They entered the pitch with a considerably strengthened squad, but that did no magic to improve their patchy play. 

Nevertheless, against the run of play the team took a lead after a cross from Pira found an unmarked Mohan who made no mistake in knocking in the header. 

The second-half saw a slight improvement in the team play and despite a red-card to Prem, the team managed to get a second-goal after Pira found Sasi with a through ball that the young winger made no mistake in converting. The tie was sealed when Pira unleashed an unstoppable short after Sasi returned the favour and played him through.

It was an adequate end to a slightly disappointing season. Nonetheless, the team had much improvements from the previous season's lows and also ended the season as top scorers. The challenge remains to sort up a leaky defence and improve the team play. There remains no doubt, that Kamikaze and its management will definitely be up to this task.


Squad: Vishnu (GK), Prem (c), Jefri, Gerard, Jayraj, Marek, Riswan, Jo, Mohan, Pira, Victor, Thanraj, Kavin, Vishnu Jrs, Alvin Jrs, Sasi, 

Manager Of The Day: Seelan

Goals: Mohan, Sasi, Pira
Assists: Pira (2). Sasi

Final Score: Kamikaze FC 3 - 0 Outlander Smurfs
Man Of The Match: Pira

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