Thursday, November 06, 2014

Kamikaze Returns to Winning Ways

Mak Hitam 95 vs KAMIKAZE FC
2nd Nov 2014
3pm WestSpring Secondary

Mak Hitam had the second longest undefeated streak second only to the famed Happy Feet FC but they had faced their first defeat in a very long time and the Samurais were smelling blood as they knew this would be a good time to catch their opponents vulnerable. Nonetheless KKZ was coming off two back-to-back draws themselves and it set up for a cagey game.

The manager for the day Seelan, played a masterstroke as he put Jefri up leading the attack and the gamble paid off with the physical presence of Jefri causing all sorts of problems for Mak Hitam's defence. Vijay almost scored the fastest goal in KKZ history as his header inside 30 seconds narrowly went past the post, but he was not to be denied at the 13th minute mark, when he rounded off an excellent move involving Jefri and Safar and gave the Samurais a deserved lead.

KKZ soon launched wave after wave of attack, but were in an increasingly wasteful mood as they failed to convert several good chances including a penalty miss. The failure to convert soon bit them back as Mak Hitam, made the pressure count after a quick counterattack that saw their left-winger beat his marker in a rare moment and made it count by chipping over the keeper.

Just when a third consecutive draw looked to be on the cards, up stepped Viki whose set-piece abilities formed part of the reasons on the team breaking boundaries to sign him. When KKZ were awarded a free-kick 40 yards out, Viki immediately stepped up and waved away all other interested parties, such was his confidence. He soon showed that the confidence wasn't misplaced, as he unleashed a curling effort that gave the keeper no chance and ended up at the back of the net.

For the remaining 15 minutes, KKZ had to defend deep to ensure that they gain the vital points and though the eventual win was rather ugly, it was a vital win that saw the team go up to third place, trailing leaders by just 2 points with 3 games in hand. The defence restored confidence after the disappointing performance in the previous game and as history has shown us, attack will win a team games but defence will help to win the league.


Squad: Vishnu (GK), Prem, Gerard, Hara (c), Hevy, Viki, Doctor, Safar, Vijay, Nelson, Jefri, Jo, Riswan, Yeli, Pira

Manager Of The Day: Jayaseelan

Goals: Vijay, Viki
Assists: Safar, Jefri

Final Score: Mak Hitam 95 1 - 2 Kamikaze FC
Man Of The Match: Gerard

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