Thursday, June 06, 2013

Kamikaze Sews Up Title

X-League Sunday Prime League Season 1 Division 2

Team Kamikaze vs Ginga FC @ Turf City

When the two teams met in the first game of the league the atmosphere was one of measurement as both teams started cautiously. However, the ease in which KKZ romped to a 13-1 win set the tone for their league campaign, and now as they met for the final game of the season, the stakes were higher. Ginga chasing their first points of the campaign, KKZ looking to win their 3rd league title on goal difference.

Kamikaze attacked from the word go, however, the nerves looked to get to them as the clock kept ticking with the Ginga keeper repelling several attacks. The strike force eventually calmed the nerves as a Victor brace and a superb Hevy effort saw the team go into the half-time break with a 3-1 win. As news streamed in, that La Forza had only managed a 3-0 victory meaning that Kamikaze had to just win the match to be crowned champions thanks to their superior goal difference, Kamikaze were truly zoned in.

They closed the match in a ruthless manner, that resembled the samurais mercilessly bludgeoning their opponents. Victor sewed up his second hat-trick of the tournament. Hevy went better by bagging 5 goals to end up as the tournament's top-scorer. Hara, Dinzo, Fazail, Yeli and even the keeper Theiva got into the scoresheet as Kamikaze exploited their demoralised opponents with sleek passing and non-stop attacking. 13-1 was how it ended in a carbon copy of their first match.

In truth, there was not much of the hype that greeted their earlier title victories. To put it in perspective, this was an easy league, that the KKZ team had made it difficult for themselves by losing the second tie to La Forza. However, that does not change the fact, that this group of boys who call themselves a band of brothers are now 3-time league winners. They have gone from the days of fighting for mid-table mediocrity to establishing a firm superiority amongst the amateur circle. Now the time is ripe for the team to challenge itself further. The gaffer Seelan got it spot-on when he said,

"We are finished the moment we say that we have won 3 titles and it's enough. It is never enough. We will spend 3 weeks celebrating the title win, but from then on it becomes a matter of the past and the present will be spent looking towards the future to ensure that this team never detracts from its goal. To be a Professionally-run Amateur Football Club. Such a goal has no end in sight, we just keep going on."

For these next 3 weeks though, the euphoria of what they have achieved will slowly start sinking in, 59 goals scored, 7 out of 8 games won. 21 point. 3rd League Title. Kamikaze!!!

Meanwhile, Enjoy!!!!!

Squad: Theva, Nesh, Ashraf, Prem, Dinzo, Haravin, Barathi, Fazail, Aravin Yeli, Victor, Hevy, Manjan, Gerard

Goals: Victor (3), Hevy (5), Haravin, Fazail, Yeli, Theiva, Dinzo
Assists: Hevy (4), Victor (2), Hara, Prem (2), Fazail (2), Manjan, Barathi

Final Score: Kamikaze FC 13 - 1 Ginga FC

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