Thursday, August 05, 2010

CFL Season 2010/2011 + Squad numbers

Hello again guys,

As expected , we are entering into yet another competitive season with all our rivals and new teams showing just how determined they are to not let us win the league. That aside , KKZ management has set the bar that we have mount a serious challenge to the title this season too. As based on that , all players are expected to maintain focus and discipline , 2 key factors which brought us the double last season. Having said that , i'm pleased to announce the squad numbers.

Akbar - 00
Ganesh - 1
Nash - 4
Jay - 5
Gerard - 6
Barathi - 7
Jayaraj - 8
Yassin - 9
Haresh - 10
Achu - 11
Uspo - 13
Fazail - 14
Lavinesh - 17
Hari - 18
Spaceship - 19
Habib - 20
Victor - 21
Safar - 22
Navin - 24
Dinzo - 28
Goutham - 69
Mohawk viki - 77
Hevy - 80
Thina - 99

This is the updated squad list for 2010/2011 both saturday and sunday league. Next we will have a look at management.

Management :

Haresh - Team Manager

Jay & Victor - Board of Directors

Captain - Jayaraj

Vice Captain - Uspo Suresh

This management structure is here not for absolute power or have the final say , but rather it has been established as a venue for funds generation , cohesion planning , DND planning , match fixtures , goal setting and most importantly , as a listening ear and a helping hand for any player with ANY trouble that they are facing. Please do not hesitate to approach whomever you feel comfortable within the management. Captaincy will change for friendly games but it will never change during season matches UNLESS Jayaraj and Uspo both didnt turn up for match.

Season expectations :

1) The management firmly believes that achieving champion status this season is a feasible ambition. Therefore , we have to mount a serious challenge to the title and also defend it.

2) Match fees MUST be available for collection after each game.

3) Proper kit MUST be worn at all times. E.g kkz jersey with yellow or blue shorts will NOT BE TOLERATED anymore.

4) Strikers must contribute 30 goals between them for the CFL league only. Any striker toppling the 20 goal personal record will have two of his match fees waived off.

5) This season results will be the one's that will count for DnD. Its to give every1 a fair chance. So please do your best. Your saturday league performance will also count towards DnD.

That's about it guys. The management has planned a Kamikaze cohesion @ Harry's Bar on monday 10th august. Fans who wanna join may call any of the management to make reservations. Let's go out there and show the world what champions are made of. KAMIKAZE!!!!!!!

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