Monday, June 28, 2010

Friendly at Broadrick Secondary

A training match to prepare for the big game in the next week. Focus was on short passes and tactical movements. Kong's bringing along of a big white board and Haresh sitting out of the match to focus on strategical movements all showed that the result of this match was not important but rather the getting into shape for the semifinals was. Objectives of the game was met, and a victory just made it sweeter. 3-0 to KKZ was the final score.

Squad: Premnathan Kawabanga, Jayraj Carragher, Suresh USPO, Thina Da Silva, Vinnie Obertan, Cristiano Barathi, Doctor Karthik, Yasin Scholes, Seelan Kong, Havey Adebayor, Sateesh Balloon, Safar Torres, Gowthaman

Final score: Unnamed Utd 0 - Kamikaze FC 3
Goals: Thina da Silva, Gowthaman, Sateesh Balloon
MOM: Thina da Silva

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