Thursday, March 18, 2010

KAMIKAZE FC - Not Arrogant. Just Better.

As the league turns into the final stretch, the warriors of Kamikaze Football Club find themselves perched at the top of the table having scored more goals than anyone and conceded less than anyone. However, the lead is only by a slender 3 points, and that's all that matters.

Any slip-up at this point will only cause the agony of not winning the league to be multiplied by having been so close. Boys, we already have the league in our sights. Now its just a matter of claiming it. However, of all our title rivals, we have by far the hardest run-in, as we have yet to play our second games against D-boyz and Eastboyz, two of our biggest rivals and challengers. According to calculations from pundits, 37 points should be enough to claim the league, and we currently have 22 from 9. This means, we have to atleast win 5 out of our remaining 7 games, without losing to both D-boyz and Eastboyz.

This only leaves us with the option of not making any mistakes against El Calcio, Prisoners, Saaeka and Eagle FC. While their positions in the league table are not desirable, we must never underestimate the bite of an underdog, with we ourselves having been the underdog for the much part of our history. Now that we are the favourites, its time to not let it go up to our head, and instead replicate the football that brought us to this level. Be clinical, Be professional and Play with the Never-say-die attitude till the last second of the match.

Having said all of these, winning the league by playing boring football is never in our list as well. If we were to win the league, and play lousy and unsportmanly soccer while doing so, we'd rather lose the league. Kamikaze- We Win With Style, Respect and Humility.


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