Monday, February 22, 2010

CFL 2 - Round 7

16 Feb 2010 @ St Wilfrid Sports Complex

For the second consecutive league match, Kamikaze travelled to the St Wilfrid pitch at St George's Rd. However, the quality of the opposition this time round was much greater. Their opponents, were not only the table-toppers, defending champions and a team that KKZ had not beaten in 4 previous attempts, they were also a team that had not lost for a whopping 20 consecutive games; Galaticos.

Each Kamikaze player came into the match knowing that they had a job to do, and to prove their title credentials. Prove they did, as before Galaticos knew it, they found themselves 2-0 down, thanks to an excellent free-kick goal by Captain of the Day Hari, and a Drogba-like header from a rejuvenated Havey. While Galaticos had their fair amount of chances, with Aziz in goal and an excellent defence passing the ball around effectively, there was no way Kamikaze were gonna concede in the half, and that was how it stayed during half-time.

There were more looks of surprise than jubiliation in the half-time dressing room, as KKZ found themselves in an unexpected position of lead. However, they knew that the mission was not over and they had 45 more minutes to play it over. But merely 10 mins into the second half, the tie was finished as Safar struck the fatal blow into the hearts of the Galaticos, after a splendid play by Havey to release him. While Galaticos, did manage to get a late equaliser, there was to be no revival this time, as Kamikaze were clearly the better team on this day. And with that, KKZ's title bid seemed well set on track after the serious injury inflicted by the Eastboyz a couple of weeks back. Kudos to the new management on getting the first win of their reign. A well-deserved victory.


PS: While every player on the pitch gave their hearts out on this famous day, one player outshone the rest with his pure class and performance. Looking set to be dropped 2 weeks ago, he pulled his career back in KKZ with stunning back to back performances. The Man of the Match this week is none other than Havey!

Squad: Aziz Van Der Sar, Suresh USPO, Jayraj Carragher, Thina Da Silva, Anand Achu, Anand Spaceship, Cristiano Barathi, Lavanesh Valencia, Hariboy Aerocratz, El Fazail, Victor King, Diego Haresh, Havey Adebayor, Safar Torres, Seelan Kong, Arafath Keane

Final score: Galaticos 1 - Kamikaze FC 3
Goals: Hariboy Aerocratz, Havey Adebayor, Safar Torres
MOM: Havey Adebayor

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