Monday, January 25, 2010

Management Changes

As a result of the tactical errors made in last week's games against Eastboyz and in a bid to bring about a new change in the perspective of the team, Victor King made a shock announcement in midweek. He announced that he would be stepping down as Assistant Manager, and relinquished all decision-making responsibilities. However, his commitment to the Kamikaze spirit will never waver, and he remains a player, whose selection is at the discretion of the Team Management. Soon after, Team Kamikaze announced the appointments of two new Assistant Managers to assist Team Manager Diego Haresh. Seelan Kong, one of the few remaining pioneers and a true lionheart on the pitch has been appointed Assistant Manager in charge of coordinating and operations of the team. El Fazail, the team's midfield maestro and tactical wonderkid has also been appointed Assistant Manager in charge of tactics and player movements. Both of them will share and overlap duties with the main aim of assisting Diego Haresh, in leading this team forward.

As a result of El Fazail's and Seelan Kong's new appointments, there has been a shuffle in the captaincy too. Fazail will now relinquish his vice-captaincy as a result of his promotion, and hence Jayraj Carragher, another pioneer who is now in the form of his life has been appointed Vice-Captain, alongside Hariboy Aerocratz. Together, they will deputise for Anand Achu whenever he is not able to take the pitch.

The management changes do not signify any sort of turmoil in the team, but is rather viewed as a natural step of progressing forward. Victor, in his term, has taken the team as far as he could and has now taken a step back to allow the team to progress even further. To quote Plato, "It doesnt matter who takes the decisions. For if whoever is making the decision, takes a rational decision for the wellbeing of the organisation, then all would have made the right decision after all."

Team Kamikaze, its not about one man. Its about a way of life that revolves around soccer. We will and will always continue to soar!

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